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Terms & conditions



Route-1 and data contained within it (the Product) is owned by and copyright of LowClearances.com, all rights reserved worldwide. The Product is not allowed to be reproduced on any web site or in any application in part or in full without the prior written authorization of LowClearances.com.  No permission will be granted to companies, organizations, web sites or authors who decide to charge for or use the Product in multiple vehicles without prior agreement from LowClearances.com.

Multiple licenses for commercial use can be arranged by contacting us here.

The Product and related graphics are only allowed to be published on LowClearances.com at http://www.lowclearances.com. Any company or web site that publishes the Product in whole or in part on their web site or service without our express permission are in breach of these terms and conditions and must remove it from their web site or service immediately or further legal action will be taken.


The Product does not replace the need for normal driver awareness of road hazards and conditions. You upload POIs to your device at your own risk.

Although we try to keep the data as up to date as possible, no guarantee of accuracy or completeness at any one time can be given. The Product is 'live', and is subject to regular revision and enhancement. LowClearances.com may make improvements and/or changes to the Product described herein and in the terms and conditions at any time without prior written warning.

The Product is to be used for guidance only. In no event shall LowClearances.com and/or its respective suppliers and developers be liable for any special, indirect, consequential damages, accidents or loss of life from using the Product.

Using the Product without the prior written authorization of LowClearances.com  will be regarded as copyright theft and therefore piracy of the intellectual property of LowClearances.com. LowClearances.com will take all necessary action to protect its copyright interests.

As an END USER and/or COMPANY who is using the Product, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.



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